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Thank You and Goodbye!!

It’s with great joy and sorrow that on FootWedge Golf Clubs 2nd Anniversary and the 25th anniversary of my spinal surgery, I am writing this message to inform our amazing FWGC family that our time has come to an end. 


Let’s start by addressing the feelings of joy. This brand and your all’s support of ‘Our Cause’ has enabled and created a new passion for two amazing cancer survivors in the game of golf. Both Tyler and Kendall will forever be FootWedge Golfers and our hope is that they will continue on their journey in this great sport. The outpouring of love, support and participation in our annual golf tournaments combined with the partnerships and pure joy that this brand has created cannot be expressed enough! 


And finally, the feelings of sorrow. This brand was not only a passion project of mine but I lived ‘Our Cause’ day in and day out. As the sole owner, creator, marketer, planner and executer, this project challenged me in so many ways, some of which we just weren’t able to overcome. Closing this door is not the end but rather the beginning of what’s next. 


As I transition away from this project, I am excited to refocus on some very important aspects of my life including my personal health and the growth and development of my family. I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for all the support you all have shown over the last two years. As the world turns, this is not the end but rather the beginning of what’s next! 

- Nathan Uhler 

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A Retail Golf Brand with a Cause
from creator Nathan Uhler


The Why, Our Story and Our Cause



Love, learn and live! 2020 will go down in history as a year with many definitions. Personally, I hope to define it through the launch of a unique brand, FootWedge Golf Club. FootWedge GC is more than a golf brand, it’s a unique story looking to support a unique cause.


I myself am a childhood cancer survivor. At just 7 years old I received news that I had a tumor located in my spinal cord and had a roughly 90% chance of death or paralyzation from the neck down. After successful surgery on January 7th, 1997, direct radiation and several stints in physical therapy, I am blessed to have escaped with minor right sided weakness. It has made physical activates like golf more difficult but I have never let it slow me down. The FootWedge Golf Club brand combines my passion for golf, my desire to help others play the sport and to help inspire all with 'Our Story'!

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FootWedge Golf Club is a retail golf brand focused on providing opportunities to those suffering or whom suffered with childhood cancer(s) using golf. We take a fun loving yet sincere and direct approach to funding ‘Our Cause’ using the sale of high end retail golf apparel and accessories paired with an annual golf tournament to support our recipient(s) with fully funded golf lessons and the proper equipment to prosper in the sport. 20% of your purchases will be used to fund ‘Our Cause’. 

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20% Of Sales Go to Support 'Our Cause".

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Scholarship Recipient Partnership!

It is my absolute pleasure to announce our partnership with Special Love, Inc.. Special Love is a fantastic organization dedicated to supporting children and their families. 

Special Love has a mission in letting kids with cancer "just be kids" since 1983. A community of support for patients and families. To learn more or support Special Love go check them out @specialove_org or at

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